Front End Web Developer


Greater LA Area


3 yrs


Full time



As a Web Developer, you understand the title is simply just a corporate way of saying “Tech-Ninja”. You were trained in the ancient temple of HTML, baptized in the fires of CSS, and thrive on the adrenaline of building something new. You see the world in green binary (not really but if so, seek medical attention ASAP) and know how to bend code to your will without it breaking. You see problems and challenges as opportunities for creative solutions. To you, email is just a website that lives on a different type of browser with its own set of complexities. Your attention to detail borders on excessive, your JavaScript chops are clean & efficient, and you react quickly when you're learning more about React. You train/play well with others, and always look for ways to help your team.

• Develop a wide variety of landing page and micro-sites.
• Develop custom emails that look beautiful regardless of email browser.
• Stay up-to-date with industry advancements, new email trends, and best practices.
• Make adjustments and edits to our website.


• 2+ years of professional web development experience
• Meet important tasks head-on with a sense of urgency
• Experience and/or knowledge in HTML for web, HTML for email, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery (we like self-taught developers as well!)
• Best practices for email development
• Familiarity with the requirements of different email providers.

Interested? Here’s how to apply: If you’re interested in becoming a Scorpion and see yourself in this role, please apply with your resume and online-accessible examples of recent projects/apps/websites you've worked on (i.e. can also showcase one's Codepen and Github repositories). Submitting a cover letter that communicates your interest and qualifications never hurts, yet is not required.

Apply Link : https://jobs.lever.co/scorpion/275ef491-642b-4934-a0a3-b946d66e11e4/apply?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=Skillsire