Alibaba Strategy Analysis

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A quick one page analysis on Alibaba strategy


Alibaba, an eCommerce giant, has progressively grown in the retail and technological sectors. It has contributed to China’s economic and social advancement. To expand further in the international market, Alibaba needs to create new strategies. Its prime focus for the future is globalization, big data, and rural expansion.


Alibaba has been a huge success in the Chinese market but expanding internationally is still a huge challenge. Its international strategy should focus on solving the issues related to the patent-related challenges for Chinese brands.
Alibaba should work to improve its brand’s reputation in the international market. This can be achieved by:

• Promoting the company’s values worldwide along with enabling product quality assurance.
• Establishing itself in the rural market segment, targeting the largest sector in the world.
• Showcasing its low-cost and high-quality products to attract international wholesalers and retailers.


People in developed nations like the United States prefer quality goods over price. To expand Alibaba’s market globally, the focus should on building the brand’s reputation. Below strategies can help achieve this objective:

• Promote Alibaba’s contribution towards society and its inclination towards improving human well being
• Target the international youth by conducting workshops and seminars for human and mind development
• Create commercials highlighting Alibaba’s impact on people’s life

A company that has been an activist in social reforms can help Alibaba. They help several organizations improve their brand value by highlighting their social work. The contributions of Alibaba in China and the impact on human is the biggest strength of the company. It showcases the high value this organization holds. This distinguishes Alibaba from its competitors in the world. This company would help to create marketing strategies and initiatives for Alibaba to create an international market for the company. I truly believe in Alibaba’s mission and vision and would love to contribute towards its growth.