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What is self-reflection? Why it is even important? What made this year good? What have I learned?
It is a key ingredient to regain the lost confidence, a vital aspect to ones’ professional development and essential element for current and future leaders.


Why self-reflection?

We all are learners at every stage and step in life. We ought to learn as students, as employees, as leaders and as individuals. Self-reflection is a deliberate practice that doesn’t come naturally, it is a part of learning process at every role we engage in. We have to recognise, pay attention and provide active consideration to our thinking process, values and norms.

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought."


As a learner, each year has presented new challenges, new accomplishments, and a new perspective to fathom out the teachings. Coming from a background where women are prevented to higher education and self-development. I have worked my way out with patience, in-depth understanding and strong will to achieve of what I am today. With higher levels of self-awareness, I can now see myself more clearly today. Thinking back to earlier in the years when I started planning for further studies in Australia, I entered Australia with a clear thought process of what matters to me, what I destine to seek both my personal development and Master of International Business from Melbourne Business School. My actualisation goal hasn’t changed; productively utilizing all my resources and knowledge to turn into a successful women entrepreneur. Shifting countries and cultures have magnified my reasoning process and supported me to carefully analyse my strengths and weaknesses.

 Lessons Learned: Life Outside Comfort Zone

The first lesson that I learned soon after starting my journey in Australia is that speed to grasp knowledge is vital for professional development. On top of it, if I cannot apply the learning in real-life situations, the teaching is not of much use. It was a drastic and necessary change for my developmental process. The formal and practical education culture practised in Australia has guided me a way to think and learn more effectively. The fact that everyone here faces similar threat to competition and defeat is a necessity to self-reflection.

Secondly, learning by experiencing is extremely constructive when soft skills and cultural diversity are studied. I feel absolutely fortunate to be part of various organisation in Australia, such as Red Cross and Compass Group, which have motivated and guided me to my true potential. Without actually knowing, I have learned crucial skills by prospering people-to-people ties in both the organisations as well as in the university classes with cross-cultural teamwork. In addition, my belief grew stronger in knowledge and learning that is there will always be someone to see and something to learn from the respective situation.

Conclusion: Take Away

Over these years, I now find myself in a very comfortable zone, the same path that seemed merely impossible to cross. Having strong support and connections is always a plus and vital in this changing environment. In this journey, my fellow classmates have inspired and helped me build my confidence. With growing connections and complications in the environment, I aspire to face new challenges with extensive knowledge and skills and achieve the desired success at every role. At last, if you every get an path where thought provokes you to not pursue, believe yourself and take that courageous step towards a responsible leader and inspiration to others.