A recent study on Operational excellence Model

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Operational Excellence is the method followed in any organization for efficiency and effectiveness in day to day work. This can be achieved by a few improved versions of metrics in product quality and services, time and cost dimensions known as better, faster and cheaper. The few common me

Since the Global Pandemic has a wide impact in the year 2020, there has been a complete change in every person day to day life. In recent years technology has grown to an unimaginable extent.

So the companies are moving towards technology making everything into automation. From the recent study, there have been 10 trends for the automation and control market.

Few companies have faced a complete layoff and termination of employees. So based on the latest news update on 6 August by SIEMENS, it has a higher percentage of losses and net profit has been reduced to half.

The main reason is that they could not reach the customer's site during the peak pandemic. Since everything is automated and it is widespread there is definitely an impact.


Problems faced by the company

1.Delayed delivery of  finished goods as it is difficult to reach the customer site

2.Reduced employers at manufacturing

3. Delay in the delivery of the raw materials

4. Breaking the trust of the customer

5. Remote working may result in miscommunications



All these problems occurred due to COVID 19, the operational excellence model was designed to overcome all these issues even during the difficult times. I would recommend the usage of this operational excellence method for eradicating the problems. The Lean principles, DMAIC and Kaizen are used mainly for the process