Web Application + Data Mining + Cyber Security = ?

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Is it possible to implement it in real-time?

Problem1: In 2018, while I was applying to pursue my graduate studies in the United States of America, I had to send the transcripts of my previous education as a part of the admission procedure. This procedure involves collecting transcripts from the university which I had previously attended and mailed them. Then, the university validates the transcripts, and they make a choice. The entire process takes more than two months. This selection process is similar for the students applying to universities for their higher education. 


2.1 I have been applying for jobs lately. Due to the pandemic, the hiring process is a bit slow. I have applied to nearly 100 companies, and now I'm tired of filling the applications as it is time-consuming.

2.2 At the same time, the companies/organizations are putting an effort to hire the candidates by posting new openings, maintaining the database, and ATS (Applicant Tracking System). If an applicant gets selected, the company has to verify the education and experience of the candidate. As a result, the company/organization has to invest in time, money, and staff.

In a world of the proliferation of digital credentials, the potential for exaggeration, misrepresentation, credential inflation, and fraud are high. 

  1. Loss of data due to natural disasters.
  2. Time Consuming.
  3. Misrepresentation/fraud. 


I came up with a prototype which meets the need of every individual and organization by implementing application development, Data Mining, and Cyber Security together. 

Web Application + Machine Learning + Cyber Security = Innovative?

Web Application: 

I have developed a full-stack web application named Resume-Bank application to store users' profile information. It includes your personal information, education, skills, experience, achievements, etc.

Users will be able to create, fetch, update, delete the records online. Every individual user has provided with a private key and a unique number. 

(Environment: Java, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring core, Spring IoC, JPA, Postman, SQL, Spring-Tool-Suite 4.0, Microsoft Visual Studio Code).

Machine Learning: (Python)

The back-end data stored in the above application is used as the input to develop the Natural Language Processing based Search engine. The Search engine has developed by understanding NLP Techniques. (Natural Language Toolkit, data preparation, data cleaning, developed a customized word cloud, text analytics, calculating the term frequency, document frequency.)

The companies will be able to pick the candidates with the desired skill set/requirement through this application. It saves every user/companies time and also resolves the problems mentioned above(2.1 and 2.2).

Cyber Security: (Solidity Language)

So here comes the usage of blockchain.

I have used MetaMask as it is, preloaded with connections to the Etherium blockchain. Create an account, set up your profile, and the decentralized application is created by using ETH.

The university/organization will be able to upload the transcripts/experience letters. The transcripts/experience letters are available in read-only mode. It generates a new hash value for every modification in the block.

The user receives the private key (Encrypted key in the first stage) and stores in the wallet. User/Third parties will be able to decrypt the data with the private key (read-only mode). 


This project is an initiative to achieve the needs of people, schools, and organizations. 

Thank you for your valuable time.

Varun Murthy Mokarala.

Gurukiran 7 months ago

I appreciate for making it quick read!
Liked your solution on NLP search engine where people are facing issues in current market due to time consuming hiring process. Well explained!

Abdul Rasheed Shaik 8 months ago

Nice thought