Recruitment Campaign for Concept Design Ltd.

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Concept Design Ltd. (UK) was my client. Concept was a new start-up software development and mobile test company. With customers including Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Symbian and more the company became a respected leader in GSM handset software development and product testing.

Executive Summary:

I led recruitment efforts for a start-up software development company, Concept Design Ltd. (UK)—who served mobile leader customers such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Symbian. Within an aggressive two-week turn-around window, I managed the full-cycle talent recruitment of engineers, resulting in £1m in revenues in work fulfillment from customers within the first year.

Problem Statement:

Business growth in handset devices created a need for engineer workforce expansion. I led the recruitment task of identifying, selecting and recruiting potential engineers who were in high demand and with very specialized skills, such as TTCN testing. Although competition for such high quality and in-demand engineers was fierce, I gained the trust of engineers to join Concept Design Ltd. For instance, during a recruitment effort of a senior engineer who had a competing offer from another company, I dedicated time to better understand the candidate’s needs. The candidate valued balance between work and family, and interest in leadership responsibilities. I discussed how these values aligned with the company. We also explored the kind of leadership impact he wanted to make, and the runway he would have at Concept Design, Ltd. The recruitment process resulted in retaining a highly sought-after talent, with even more enthusiasm to accept the role offered.

Strategic Alternatives:

During recruitment efforts, potential candidates and my hiring managers are my valued customers, and thus spending high quality time understanding both their needs is a passion. I have experienced personal recommendations and my expansive social network of current and formal candidates to be the most cost-effective way to find high demand engineers. I headhunted various leaders from mobile communication companies and consultancies, and other test houses in the telecommunication and technology industries. Because of the urgency to hire, I also led and orchestrated a series of organized and open events at various recruitment venues virtually and on premises such as hotels near mobile communication companies. I initiated advertisements on local radio stations and in print in specialized trade publications such as Electronic Times and Electronics Weekly. I also did various internet advertising.


My recruitment efforts resulted in reaching 100% of my target, resulting in the retention of high-demand engineers in a 2-week period, consisting of 75% FTE and 25% contractors. Within the inaugural year, the talent recruited contributed to more than £1m in revenues through work fulfillment of customers served within the first year. I also gained the trust of my hiring manager and talent I recruited and remain connected with them to this day.