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This project, which is based on the concept of remote care, makes providing health care to people a lot easier. This project aims to track the dynamic progress of the schedule of a person so that the caregiver can instantly react in case of emergencies or deviation from the normal schedule


It has never been more important to provide health care remotely than in these pandemic times. I believe that applications backed by cloud providers like Amazon Web Services can be of help in reducing the workload of heath care workers in hospitals, nursing homes and in-home care. A prototype android application was developed which provides remote care to people by tracking patient’s schedule and keeping the health care workers informed of the status of their patients.



This is an android application which was developed using Android studio and the back-end is a NoSQL database like Amazon DynamoDB. It provides the means for the health care worker to set up the schedule for the patients and for the patients to update the caregiver on the progress. In addition to that, it also has these useful features which enhance the user experience

  • Voice Reminder: It gives repeated voice reminder of the tasks that have to be completed. This was implemented using text-to-speech converter. This can be particularly useful for the elderly.

  • SOS Button: This can be used to inform the caregiver of an emergency.

  • Alert: This feature informs the caregiver when a patient has not completed the tasks. The caregiver can then follow up with the patients.



  • The caregiver sets the day’s schedule for the patient which is a list of activities and the time duration within which each activity should be completed.

          e.g: “Take medicine X” 11:00 – 12:00 (Time duration)

  • There are voice reminders that remind the patient of each task, at the time it needs to be completed.

  • Once the task is done, the patient can click the “Done” button and the caregiver is automatically informed via in-app notification.

  • If a certain task is not done within the specified time duration, the caregiver is alerted, who can then call the patient or take some other action.



  • This application is composed of two apps, one for the patient and one for the caregiver.

  • The caregiver can set the schedule of the patients, from their end, using the ‘set schedule’ page as shown below:

  • The patient can then see the list of tasks that need to be completed on their application, as shown below:

  • At the set time, the patient gets a voice reminder of the task that needs to be completed, as shown below:

  • The patient can complete the task and press the ‘DONE’ button to inform the caregiver that the task is completed and the status changes as shown below:

  • If a patient did not complete the task on time, the caregiver receives a voice alert as shown below:                                                                                 

  • If a patient presses the SOS button, the caregiver receives a voice alert on their end, as shown below:




  • This can be implemented as a part of a remote care software package and co-ordinate with devices like heart rate monitors and other health care related devices using Amazon IoT.

  • The data generated can be used for analytics, using Amazon Redshift, which can give some insight into the patient’s activity and progress.

  • Analytics can inform doctors of their patient’s adherence to the prescription regimen.