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Last Updated on 14th November, 2019

We, Skillsire LLC, is a legal entity with offices at 5401 S Kirkman Road Suite 310 Orlando FL 32819 USA. As a data controller ("Skillsire"), explain in this Privacy and Cookies Policy how we collect, analyze and use the information we receive through our website ("Skillsire website"), that link to this privacy policy and cookies, as amended from time to time.

This Privacy and Cookies Policy applies only to the information we collect, analyze and use from the Skillsire website, and does not apply to the information we collect on other channels, such as the information we gather offline from different sites or from correspondence you choose to send us.

The Information We Gather and How We Use It

Information That User Send actively to Skillsire

All the information we collect will be based on the information you provided, as completed in the account creation forms, CV and other personal information you sent us. From time to time, we may modify, update or terminate services, and these parameters may differ to provide personal information.

These are some of the examples by which you can send us your personal information:

    • 1. Contact customer service or assistance.
    • 2. Subscribe to notifications.
    • 3. Account creation.
    • 4. Submit an application form.
    • 5. Upload to our website employment, education, and other CV details.

Depending on how you use the Skillsire website, some of your personal information collected, processed and used may change. For example, we require an email address and a password to register an account. In other situations, for example, you may need to provide additional information, such as your name or phone number and postal address while submitting a form related to a particular product or service. Your information is voluntary, but unless we receive it, you will be unable to create an account or use any of our services offered.

Automated Channels Information

While on our site, your device automatically transmits info for us to create a personalized response. This will be information such as your IP address and data usage while on the Skillsire website. Further, it may include the URLs of pages you viewed and time spent on each page, the number of clicks, the type of platform and the visits to the page, etc.

Automated Means of Data Gathering Include the Following

Browser Information

When you visit Skillsire, your browser automatically sends your IP address so that the web pages you request can be sent to your computer or device. We use your IP address to obtain additional information, for example, when a computer or device was once used to visit the Skillsire website, which Skillsire functions were used more frequently, and how long the user was on the page.

Log Files and Web Beacons

On the website, we use "web beacons" (Internet tags, pixel tags, surveillance pixels, also known as transparent GIFs). Through the use of these web beacons, third parties can add additional information within the cookie configured by the URL of the website, the IP address of the device, the time the page was displayed, the type of browser used, and or assets valuable for solving analytical and technical problems.


We collect, process and use information through cookies so we can identify users that visit Skillsire. We may also share cookies with third parties or advertising networks to provide you with relevant and targeted advertising, to the extent that you accept.

Recipients/Data Third Parties Gather from Skillsire

Third parties can receive info via cookies. Likewise, if the response to third parties or provide information to third parties through the website acceptance, these third parties are informed about their subject of their privacy policies.

How Your Data is Used

Different Ways Your Data May Be Used

    • 1. To provide you with personalized content and services as described in this Privacy Policy.
    • 2. Moderate and publish employer communications, interview reports, salary reports and other content you submitted that may benefit our current users.
    • 3. Adaptation and improvement of functionality, performance and site support.
    • 4. Provision of employment services to employers.
    • 5. For internal operations, including problem-solving, data analysis, testing, research, and service improvement.communicate with you about our services.
    • 6. Analyze the use of Skillsire site users and improve the Skillsire website.
    • 7. Create and organize relevant statistical information that does not personally identify and that we can use for promotions.

Skillsire Information Sharing Policy

We do not share your personal account or usage information to any third parties, except for these conditions with your consent.

We use affiliate service providers worldwide that help us provide our service and manage our business under strict confidentiality conditions (for example, when you enter credit card information on the website Skillsire ). The information is sent directly from your browser to the external service provider that we use to manage the processing of the credit card, and we do not store it on our servers. The service provider does not have permission to use the information you provide. Subject to exceptions, employers, and individuals who purchase Skillsire products are limited to entering credit card information on the Skillsire website. This information is stored in our secure accounting software separate from all other utilities and customer information.

We share collected and compiled usage statistics that cannot be used to identify you individually. Only in the event of a restructuring or sale of our business or assets/data, your information may be disclosed, subject to the acquirer accepting the commitments made in this Privacy and Cookie Policy and compliance with applicable law.

When you apply for a particular job through the Skillsire website, we will share your personal information with that specific employer. We will disclose information in accordance with applicable law if such disclosure is necessary to (1) comply with the law or respond to a subpoena, court order or other legal proceeding that was delivered to us; (2) ensure compliance with our terms of use and Skillsire's Privacy Policy; (3) if we believe that the disclosure is necessary or advisable to avoid physical damage or financial losses or in the investigation of illegal or suspicious activities. Our common procedures for civil purposes or duly processed applications and customer data requirements require that the plaintiff fully resolve or comply with the court judgments and complete them before disclosing this information.

We invite you to post your CV or other information in more general formats. For example, we could offer services to employers, recruiters and others who need access to our user database. Subject to the privacy settings you control, those who choose these services can view the information you have posted. We may disclose certain information that you personally do not identify, but which indicates the use of our Skillsire site, for example, the names of the tasks you entered when you registered an account or updated your profile.

Cookie Policy and Advertisements

This cookie policy describes how cookies are used on the Skillsire website.


Cookies are small data bits that are filed away on your computer or device each time you visit a web page. We use cookies, as well as web beacons, mobile identifiers of locally shared objects, i.e., flash cookies and similar technologies to identify you in Skillsire. This is meant to improve performance on the website, as well as to display relevant promotional materials.

When do we utilize Cookies?

We can set cookies when you visit Skillsire. Other websites may also use these cookies when you visit them. Once you create an account with Skillsire, we may link the information stored in cookies with other acquired information. The provision of your data via cookies is voluntary.

Types of Cookies We Use

We use session cookies which remain on your device until you transfer them from Skillsire. We also use a persistent cookie, which remains on your device until you delete them manually.

What Cookies are Used for

They transmit information about you and your interaction with Skillsire. This includes browser type, job name, search settings, display data, dates and times used. They can be linked to unique information, such as information you provided while creating your account. However, they do not link to your contact info.

Service Usage of Cookies

Purpose Explanation


We utilize Cookies to help us know whether or not you have signed in to Skillsire as well as to keep you signed in during visits as you access Skillsire's different pages.

Features and Settings

We utilize Cookies to enable features and provide you with individualized content, such as record and reveal your recent search history.


We use cookies to deliver, analyze and improve advertising, for example, by using information about your preferences and provide relevant offers inside and outside Skillsire. Our partners can use a cookie to determine if you have already viewed an advertisement or data collection that provides information on your interactions with a promotion.

Performance and Data Analysis

We use cookies to analyze how our visitors utilize Skillsire and to check the performance of the website. These cookies help us identify and correct errors, understand and optimize service offerings, test various features, and monitor how our visitors connect to our website.

Promotions and Cookie Policies

Skillsire works with several third parties to provide you with individualized, interest-based advertising.

We might target adverts to you on and off Skillsire using:

    • 1. Cookies (both inside and outside Skillsire) and IP address.
    • 2. User information sent by the user.
    • 3. Your use of Skillsire (for example, your Skillsire search history).

Information from third parties (including advertising partners, publishers, and aggregators) that we use to provide you with relevant ads.

Services like Google Analytics are among our partners to provide analytical services that can use the cookies installed on your device to measure the effectiveness of your ads and traffic management. In addition, we use demographic data from Google Analytics, and data focus reports to record information about cookies so that we and third-party service providers can offer better, more relevant and useful ads on Skillsire and various websites. You can remove the Google Analytics and Analytics metrics by reviewing the settings of your Google ad or by downloading the Google Analytics failure plug-in.

You can disable the location of some (but not all) cookies by configuring the browser to reject cookies. However, this may affect its reception. In addition, you can also, manage and delete cookies through the configuration of your browser.

Note: When advertisements or other features are provided by third parties on our site, they can also manage and use their own cookies in accordance with their privacy policies. Skillsire does not have access to or control these cookies.

Other Important Privacy Information

Personal Information Options

We can send you notifications and, if you have elected, send us notices or other messages through the contact information (such as your email address)to request the information we receive. You (if you are jobseeker) can also control most of the emails you receive from us in Settings by changing the EmailNotificationsFromSkillsire and EmailNotificationsFromEmployer options on the website. After the removal, we will not be responsible for any information that you do not receive due to this action.

We may send you advertisements related to the service if we deem it necessary. In general, you cannot reject these non-promotional messages. If you do not desire to participate in these communications, you may cancel your membership.

Security Safeguards

We use physical, electronic and commercial controls to protect the information we collect online, but we make no warranties. You are responsible for protecting your username and password. After registration, we will never ask for your password. Create a special password for your Skillsire account and do not use it for other services or web applications. Do not share your password with anyone.

How to Responsibly Search for Your Next Job

We actively monitor the Skillsire website for vacancies that violate our Terms of Use. When we discover any fraudulent activity, we will remove vacancies from the Skillsire website. However, fraudulent job advertisements can sometimes occur, and we recommend you to be careful while searching for a job.

Consider the following tips in the search

    • 1. Do not transfer money to a potential employer.
    • 2. Do not send personal or financial account information by email to any employer.
    • 3. Do not transfer money, cash or checks to your employer.
    • 4. Do not apply to jobs or ads that request you to remit your resume to an outside email address.
    • 5. Do not include confidential information, such as your social security number, on your resume.
    • 6. Be diligent and careful about work publications, doublecheck for grammatical and spelling errors.
    • 7. Do your research and search for jobs that would be a natural fit.

If you find a suspicious work advertisement, Contact Us directly. If you think you have become a victim of fraud, report it immediately to the local police and Contact Skillsire immediately.

Privacy Policy on Minors

The Skillsire website is not designed for underage individuals. Minors must receive parental agreement to use the Skillsire website. Children under the age of 13 are expressly prohibited from using the Skillsire platform or supplying personal information. If you discover that a child has sent us personal information without parental/guardian consent, Contact Us and we will delete that information and terminate the child's account if it is conformed.

Updates to Our Privacy Policy

If we make alterations to our Privacy and Cookie Policy, we will notify and post any changes on this page and update the policy date at the top of this page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy and Cookie Policy, please contact through Contact Us.