Data Visualization

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The context is about Data Visualization

Data visualization is becoming a great technique to share information in a non-verbal manner, however when used in an inappropriate manner it creates more confusion and misguidance, rather than giving out actual solutions for the problems. 


Visualization ideas, which usuallyseem brilliant, can turn out to be puzzling for viewers, reducing their willingness to look for answers, due to the complexity or bad representation of the data.Hence representation of the data matters a lot. 



Creating visualization is more than simply translating a table of information into a visual display. Data visualization helps one to communicate information in the most effective way, with the prime purpose of giving quick, simple and creative solution for the problem asked. Visuals can easily summarize the data to other people, making even the largest or most confusing sets of data understandable.

Alongside this, it also demands the brain to generate new ideas and extracts important information from previously available large amounts of data.

Choosing appropriate data visual and depicting it in proper for is still is a part of gaining experience in the field. The world of data visualization is simply great once you understand what is your data about and actually how beautiful it can be. 

I feel that this game of views is really great as said that "A PICTURE IS WORTH THOUSAND WORDS"... In the same manner i feel " A PERFECT VISUALIZATION IS WORTH HUNDREDS OF SHEET OF DATA ".