Instant Connect to Instant Connect Enterprise

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Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE), the new generation go-to interoperable communications software platform for industry leaders to whom the most important business asset is the one that never stops moving.

Instant Connect to Instant Connect Enterprise

Mitali Utekar


Instant Connect (IC) is the best and the only solution in today's world that is user friendly and user manageable. Provising integration with Cisco application like CUCM, UCCX, Expressway and end user devices like IP Phones, Mobile Phones, Desktop clients, Radios and SIP based calling.

Today companies can establish communication across multiple Geographical Regions by adopting an application but the dependencies on end user devices remains. Instant Connect bridges this gap in the industry.

With such interoperability multiple performace issues gets introduced, be it Database,End Points or Network.

Some of the challenges faces by legacy Instant Connect (IC) is user experience being adversely affected due to Network Latency, NTP sync, Location of Cluster Deployment. Removal of replication factor which operates the nodes in Active-Active state will possible be helpful in overcomming databse dependencies.

Traffic Security over the internet and intranet must be ensured by enabling encryption, as the communication over channels are specific to organizations which also include customers form Security and Surveillance industry.

The legacy Instant Connect (IC) can overcome many of such issue for the customers who had already adopted it but the new generation Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) had overcome many of these flaws by adopting Kubernetes and Cloud technology. Also the involvement and dependency of other products to establish SIP calls by including SIP bridge as a docker component in ICE.

Security, Elasticity and Global coverage are the leading factor for industry to adopt Kubernetes and Cloud and Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) is capable of supporting all of these new business demands.